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Strenx/Domex 100 XF Steel Plate

Strenx/Domex 100 XF Steel Plate
Chemical Composition
Typical Analysis 100XF Temper Leveled
Carbon (C) .10
Manganese (Mn) 2.00
Molybdenum (Mo) .50
Sulphur (S) .006
Phosphorus (P) .02
Silicon (Si) .40
Aluminum (Al) .06
Ti+Nb+V .025 .2%
Offset Yield Strength ksi (Mpa) 100 (690)
Tensile Strength ksi (Mpa) 110 (760)
Elongation in 2 in. 16%

Temper Pass Steel Plate

100XF steel plate has been developed for applications where increased strength-to-weight ratios are required. It has physical properties similar to those of ASTM A514 even though its manufacturing process does not require heat treatment. 100XF is available as a temper leveled, cut-to-length plate. 100XF plate also offers good weldability, formability, toughness, and weathering resistance. This excellent combination of properties is possible because of the low-carbon chemistry and the thermo-mechanical controlled processing used in the manufacture of 100 XF. Common uses include transport trailer, heavy-duty construction equipment such as crane booms chassis and vehicle frames, agricultural equipment, and manlifts.

What Is Temper leveling

Temper leveling improves flatness and surface quality and eliminates coil memory, all of which enhance laser and plasma cutting quality.

Offset Yield Strength ksi (Mpa) 100 (690)
Tensile Strength ksi (Mpa) 110 (760)
Elongation in 2 in. 16%
Typical Uses
Applications for 100XF include transport trailers, construction equipment, crane booms, mobile manlifts, agriculture equipment, heavy vehicle frames, and chassis.
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